List Gigantic
Celebrating 7 Years Online!

Greetings Everyone!

Its been one long and extremely wonderful journey!

First and Foremost, I'd like to Thank all our Loyal Members who have been a part of our site through its ups and downs for the past 7 incredible years.

7 years is a long period of time. Its very rare to find such genuine sites that exist only for your results, conversions and success.

Most are just hit and run sites that launch only to rip you off your money, then vanish within a few months.

Today List Gigantic has achieved another huge milestone completing 7 years in its journey. Proving again and again, our reliability and determination.

A BIG Thanks and Congratulations To You All!

Without you this would have never been posible. One big applause for you and our amazing community.

Moving forward, Like every anniversary this time too I've arranged 7 amazing ways for you to celebrate this occassion.

1) Commissions

What everyone loves, Huge Commissions! Till 25th of May, all members (Yes, Free ones too) will earn a minimum of 33% commissions paid instantly to their PayPal.

List Gigantic is the only one in the entire industry to offer such high commissions for Free!

2) Permanent Credits, Higher Limit

Throughout April till 25th May, Free members get 700 permanent credits. That means you can email 700 members without using any credits absolutely Free!

On top of that, you can email 700 extra members using your mail credits. That a total of 1,400 prospects that you can reach at no cost!!

3) Mailer Frequency

All members can now email every 2 days during our Anniversary period. This awesome privilege will be taken off after 25th of May.

So don't forget to send your email offers. Make great use of it while you can.

4) 2x Anniversary Contest

We are having a brand new Anniversary competition. Hundreds worth of upgrades and advertising are up for your taking.

Participate and you are GUARANTEED to win big with only a handful of referrals. Plus, you also have the opportunity to earn huge 33% commissions if your referral makes any OTO purchase.

Anniversary Contest

5) Anniversary Sale

A Lifetime Membership! This is the second time ever that I'm offering a lifetime upgrade for sale.

A One-Time purchase for a lifetime of advertising! An incredible chance for you to grab our Lifetime Platinum Membership for an unbelievable price.

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6) $7 Off On Monthly Subscription

During our anniversary period you get a $7 discount on all of our monthly upgrades inside.

The discount is already applied. Take one from the 'Upgrade' tab inside the Member's Area.


7) Cleanest List

This is probably the most priceless asset that you can ever have as a marketer. To deliver the highest conversions, optimum mail delivery and results List Gigantic has outright banned all other email services except Gmail.

Thousands, Yes! Thousands of accounts have been denied membership at our site since their email addresses were not marketer friendly.

List Gigantic openly claims what no other site can ever do, "For Us Your Results Comes First, Not Profit!"

Most sites out there that boast of their huge membership numbers are simply fake stats. Your mails to those accounts are hardly ever delivered.

A huge portion of their membership is made up of bots, multiple accounts, fake, dead and non-deliverable email ids.

But not at List Gigantic. This is no doubt the cleanest list in the industry that you can get!

Each day we detect and delete any and every bogus account that registers on our site, Each Day!

Along with banning thousands of email accounts from joining our site we have, uptil now, deleted another thousands of inactive and dead accounts.

List Gigantic is not just another bogus mailer that you see pop up every now and then and vanish after ripping you off your money.

We are here to stay, to bring change in the industry. And we'll be here for years and years to come.

And now I'd like to urge you to join our ever growing community of marketers and celebrate with us our 7 glorious years online.

Seize this opportunity and grab this whole bunch of exclusive bonuses and privileges!

These anniversary promotion will last only till 25th of May... So, HURRY!!

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